Excel High Resolution Charts

Scientific journals, manuscripts, and other publications desire high resolution visual assets - whether for print or high density displays such as retina. What seems like a »

Caged Sound

Jason Sturges jazz guitar solo. »

Blueberry Muffins

Jason Sturges jazz guitar solo. »

A Walk in the Rain

Jason Sturges jazz guitar solo. »

Advanced ActionScript 3 Second Edition

My second publication is out under Apress, Springer Science + Business Media - Advanced ActionScript 3 second edition publishing December 24, 2014. http://www.apress.com/9781484206720 »

Blitting OpenFL alpha demo built with OpenFL, Away3D, and Haxe

Here's a preview of my upcoming alpha release of my Blitting engine ported to OpenFL: Built with OpenFL, Away3D, and Haxe, terrain example below targets Flash »

Haxe performance study: Loop-invariant code motion

Recently I've published a few blog posts on Haxe performance from the context of developing Haxe code. These results were obtained using my OpenFL Performance Test »

OpenFL Haxe Performance Benchmarks

Continuing my earlier study of OpenFL Haxe performance, here are some test results from my OpenFL Haxe Performance Test project at GitHub. Tests run on a »

OpenFL Haxe Performance Benchmark Project at GitHub

Modeled after Grant Skinner's ActionScript project PerformanceTest, this variation is designed for OpenFL to benchmark segments of Haxe code. Executing a batch of tests every 50-milliseconds »

OpenFL Haxe code documentation with Dox

Dox, a project available at GitHub, generates documentation from source code with support for GitHub Flavored Markdown using haxe-markdown. Usage is detailed from the project wiki. »